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A shimmering silver headband made of genuine napa leather with an 18K gold-plated logo. Featuring nubuck lining that provides extra grip on the hair, making it comfortable to wear. This timeless hair accessory complements every look, whether it's for a casual day out or a formal event. Including a polishing cloth to help keep the accessory in good condition. 


  •  18K gold plated logo
  •  Nubuck lining
  •  Includes a polishing cloth

Versailles Collection: Leather Headband Large Silver

Expect product by October 30th
  • The Silver Headband is one of Balmain Hair Couture's essential hair accessories. The headband is handcrafted and made from the finest quality Napa leather, embellished with an 18K gold-plated logo. To provide extra grip on the hair, the inside of the hairband has been designed with nubuck. This statement piece transforms the simplest of hairstyles into classy looks.

    A polishing cloth is included to keep the accessory in good condition.

  • To wear the headband, start by placing the ends of the band in front of your ears where the hairline ends. Gently push the band back towards the nape of your neck until the ends sit comfortably behind your ears. Once in place, style your hair as desired to complete your look.

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