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Daniel Fiorio_edited_edited.jpg


Owner & Stylist

Phone: (416) 975-1935


Natural Texture Expert Complementing Body & Face

Color Visionary Using Personalized Pigment Harmony

Editorial and Runway Hairstyling

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A Bit About Daniel

Recognized as one of Canada's foremost hairstylists, Daniel's exceptional and fashion-forward approach distinguishes him. As the proud owner of Salon Daniel, his mastery graces the pages of prominent fashion and beauty magazines and leaves an enduring impression on Toronto & London Fashion Weeks.

Daniel's hair-whispering approach highlights the natural texture, direction, and density of hair to complement facial features, physique, and lifestyle. Expect minimal maintenance and enduring style.

Beyond his hairstyling prowess, Daniel is a dedicated philanthropist, using his influence to drive positive change. From mental health to sustainability, his impact resonates far beyond the salon.


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