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Stylist - Blonde Specialist

Phone: (416) 975-1935


Luminous Blondes

Elegant Updo Styles 

Color Correction Transformations

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A Bit About Roza

Originally from Greece, Roza brings her unique flair to the world of hairstyling, with a strong emphasis on color and styling. Fluent in Greek, English, and Armenian, she seamlessly connects with clients from various backgrounds. With a decade of styling experience, Roza specializes in hair transformations, ranging from bold colors to seamless extensions.

Five years ago, Roza embarked on a new chapter in Toronto, aiming to further her career as a colorist. Known for her efficiency without compromising quality, she swiftly creates remarkable looks. Her ultimate satisfaction lies in making her clients happy, as she carefully crafts styles that emanate both confidence and joy. Each brushstroke of color and styling technique reflects her steadfast dedication to crafting not only beautiful hair but also radiant smiles.


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