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Hairdressers for Love & Peace

Welcome to "Hairdressers for Love & Peace," where the world of beauty meets the power of compassion. Our foundation is a harmonious blend of style and substance, uniting hairstylists and fashion enthusiasts with a shared vision of making a difference. With a passion for creativity and a heart for humanity, we come together to produce captivating hair and fashion shows, not just as a celebration of artistry but as a catalyst for positive change. Our mission goes beyond the runway, as we are dedicated to raising awareness and vital funds to support underfunded charities, including SickKids, CAMH, and cancer research. Join us in transforming the beauty industry into a force for love, peace, and meaningful impact.

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The Love & Peace Collection

All proceeds go to charity. In-store pickup only.

Love & Peace Events

Please check back again soon for our upcoming events

No upcoming events at the moment
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